Monday, March 8, 2010

Riding the Trades to the Equator

S/V Aspen – March 8, 2010 – Log #33
Position: 0 degrees 33.0' N 87 degrees 16' W
(En-route to the Galapagos Islands from Panama)

Riding the Trades to the Equator

It took nearly 6 days of hard sailing to finally find the trade winds
that will take us across the equator to the Galapagos Islands. Starry
night skies with the southern cross suspended ahead of Aspen's bow
pointed the way.

Crossing the equator is a right of passage for sailors. Once you have
sailed across the imaginary line you become a shellback. This time
honored tradition pays tribute to Neptune, the god of the seas so you
better do it right and not offend him! We have champagne all ready for
the honor. But how should we dress for this illustrious occasion? That
too will be preformed with abandon, according to the tradition of the
sea and to honor Neptune. Stay connected for the pictures!

We have been out of sight of land for 7 days now. We have only the
company of dolphins, sea birds who whiz around our boat at night in the
light of our masthead tricolor. There are still the flying fish landing
on our decks but they are now washed off by the waves that find their
way onboard.

Admiral Maria writes:
Aspen did well, some days much better than me. No, I didn't get seasick
because I was too busy hanging on for dear life. I have never seen seas
that big, not even in Deadliest Catch! It was difficult without getting
much sleep at night, or during the day. I started seeing things that
were not there, like my bottle of water. I grabbed at the air without
touching it - strange.

We both had bad hair days. Getting into the head (bathroom) was quite a
gymnastics feat. Once I let go of a handrail I was pitched to the other
side of the head in a big hurry. Crashing into walls was not fun and I
have the bruises to prove it! I was only thrown onto the cockpit floor
twice, somehow avoiding injury. But today we have the gorgeous trade
winds, the sun is shining again, the seas are gentle and everything is
right with our little world.

Sail on sail on Aspen...

Steve and Maria

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