Tuesday, March 9, 2010


S/V Aspen – March 9, 2010
Position: 0 degrees 00.0' S 88 degrees 43' W
(At the Equator)


It began as a dream of mine so long ago: sail to the equator on my own
sailboat. But ahhh, the dreams of youth. How many of them are soon
forgotten and never fulfilled? Too many to count, I believe.

I wrote something down over 40 years ago: dreams are the stuff reality
is made from. I don't know where I first heard this or if I made it up
but it doesn't matter. The statement rings true to me.

Today I fulfilled a dream that most, including myself, thought was
impossible to achieve. I sailed across the equator with my wife aboard
our sailboat Aspen. The song Amazing Grace played softly as we sailed.

Never stop dreaming. Dreams are the stuff reality is made from.
Believe it.

Sail on sail on Aspen...


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  1. FANTASTIC JOB! Congrats on the DREAM and the voyage. We are following back here ob http://IPYOA.com