Sunday, November 15, 2009

Land Ho!

Hi all. We made it to the San Blas Islands, Panama after 10 days, 3
hours and 25 minutes of non-stop sailing from Trinidad. It was great!
But we did run out of wind the last 2.5 days so we had to motor then. We
arrived with 14 gallons of fuel left! Luckily we still have jugs with 40
more gallons that we can use.

We are anchored in a place called the Swimming Pool in the Holandes
Cays. It is a calm and sheltered area between several small islands and
reefs. It is really calm and beautiful here. The islands are uninhabited
and the local fishermen came by yesterday selling lobsters ($5) and fish
and the women paddled by selling Molas. There are 10 other boats in the
anchorage and it is pretty deserted. Nice! The snorkeling is excellent.
I saw lots of fish and even a stingray yesterday when I dove on the
anchor. The other sailors here are also very friendly.

Maria is enjoying sitting still and not rocking and rolling when she is
cooking or taking a shower. What luxury!

Sail on Sail on Aspen...
Steve and Maria

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