Friday, October 2, 2009

Where is the Mailman?

Or better yet, where is our mail?

Steve needed a software update for his geophysical work. Aspen needed a cable that is not available in Trinidad for her navigation hardware.

Let’s use the computer, go online and arrange to have these things sent to Trinidad! No problem mon. Steve has his software sent from Houston and the hardware cable is sent from Connecticut. Then we receive the bad news…

The items have been shipped via USPS, 5-day delivery. What?!??? But they were supposed to be sent FedX! Emails sent to the companies verified that they shipped them the cheapest way to Trinidad. Calmly, Steve explains that there are no post offices in Trinidad. Well, at least none that really function.

Hmmmm, both companies say, but the USPS says there are post offices in Trinidad. Steve replies, yes there are post offices but they do not actually work. The USPS says they send packages all over the world but cannot actually track the packages once they leave US soil. Oh boy.

10 days later we are still wondering were our packages might be! We will keep you updated on our USPS mail saga!

Sail on sail on Aspen…

Steve and Maria

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